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Online Hindi Typing Test:- At present, all the work is being done on the computer, in such a situation, we need to learn computer typing to work on the computer, along with this, most of the examinations at present are also computer based. One of these Typing Skill Test. For this test we need to learn computer typing. Earlier, we used to go to the typing centers to learn typing. But in the present time, there are different types of easy tools available to learn typing online. You will be able to learn typing easily by the tutors given below by us.

English Typing Tutor:-

With this tool you will be able to learn English Typing easily.

English Typing Test:-

With this tool, you will be able to increase your English Typing Speed ‚Äč‚Äčeasily.

Hindi Typing Tutor :-

Through This Tool Hindi typing can be learned easily.

Hindi Typing Test:-

With this tool, you will be able to increase your Hindi Typing Speed easily.

Types of Hindi Font:-

Krutidev 010:-

This is the most convenient font for working offline on the computer And this is generally used for Hindi typing.

Mangal Font:-

It can be used for offline work on the computer, but generally this font is used for working on the internet online.

Layout for Hindi Keyboard:-

Generally two types of layouts are available for Hindi typing here.

Mangal Font Remington Gail Layout:-

It is mostly used. For this Hindi typing test Mangal Font Remington Gail is available on this tutor.

Mangal Font Inscript Layout:- It is also used in many departments. For this, Inscript Hindi Typing Test is available on this tutor.

Tips to learn Hindi Typing:-

Learning English typing is easier than learning Hindi typing, because all its letters are visible on the keyboard, but in Hindi typing, half the letters come from using more than one button.

To learn Hindi typing, you should first learn English typing, so that the position of the fingers on the keyboard is correct, then you should learn Hindi typing,

so that you can easily learn Hindi typing. Apart from this, keep practicing continuously to learn Hindi typing and increase the speed quickly.

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