New Paid Parental Leave Policy in NSW

The New South Wales state government believes the New Paid Parental Leave policy will encourage more new dads to spend time with their newborn babies.

Under this new parental entitlement

NSW public servant will get two extra week as paid parental leave.

This statement announced today from NSW Government.

Public Servant like Firefighters, nurses and teachers will entitled for this paid leave.

New South Wales Old Vs New Paid Parental Leave Policy

Before this NSW Public Servant was entitled for 14 week paid leave but

after this new policy they can increase it to 16 weeks.

NSW Government is the first government in Australia which is bringing this type of policy.

Under this policy public servant can take this paid leave,

even if her or his partner does not work in the public service.

Only 12 Percent men take parental leave from entitled parent In Australia.

This policy will encourage parents to spend more time with their family and new born baby.

Benefit for Single Parent in New Paid Parental Leave Policy

According this policy if parent is single parents than

he or she will be entitled to the full

16 week paid leave.

NSG Government also announced that

there will no longer be a distinction between primary and secondary carer.

Firefighters, Teachers and nurses

and other public sector servants across the State will be encouraged to share child caring responsibilities between partners.

Part of 2022-23 NSW Budget:-

The new initiatives in the 2022-23 NSW Budget were part of the government’s ongoing commitment to supporting the needs of modern families across NSW.

The New South Wales Government public servants can take parental leave

from 1 year to 2 years after birth of baby.

Words From NSW Government

Treasurer Matt Kean said as the largest employer in Australia,

the NSW Government supposed  that other governments and private companies will also follow this policy.

Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor said

Strong parental leave entitlements play a important role in supporting women’s economic opportunity.

These changes to paid parental leave will encourage more equal sharing of caring responsibilities between parents.

The NSW Government understands the needs of young families

and the benefits to productivity and performance that

can be unleashed by supporting employees to balance parenthood with paid work Mr Tudehope said.

The paid parental leave reform comes following the New South Wales Government’s recent announcement that

it will start offering workers in the public sector 5 days’ fertility leave, recognizing the time demands of IVF and other reproductive treatments.

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