Unicode to Krutidev Converter Tool

With this Online unicode to krutidev converter Tool, you can convert Hindi Krutiev 010 Font text. Mangal Font is a Unicode Font, and through this tool it can be converted to Krutidev Font.

Krutidev Font is standard font for Hindi Text, Krutidev font is used for offline work but there is another font, which is Unicode font which is used for online work. That’s why we need to change from mangal to krutidev.

This Krutidev 010 font is also attractive in appearance. For Offline work Krutidev 010 font is used  mostly.

How to use unicode to krutidev converter:-

  1. First of all type or paste your Unicode (Mangal font) Hindi Content/Text in (Box-1).
  2. As soon as you press the Space Button of your keyboard, you will see Hindi Krutidev font Converted text in (Box-2).
  3. You can also convert mangal to krutidev by clicking on the “Convert to Krutidev” button.

How to Remove Extra Spaces from Text Through unicode to krutidev converter:-

If Your Mangal Font (Unicode font) Text have Extra Spaces in it then your can remove it through this tool also.

For example, “Unicode font (Mangal           font) is used             mostly while Online Typing              Work in Hindi”.

after clicking the Remove Extra Spaces Button

Result – “Unicode font (Mangal font) is used mostly while Online Typing Work in Hindi”.

In this tool you get the feature to remove two types of space from the text:-

  1. Remove Extra Spaces (Without Tab Spaces): – Sometimes extra space comes in the text, by this option you can remove those extra space from the text but by this option you can not remove the space given by the TAB key.
  2. Remove Extra Spaces (With Tab Spaces) :- By this option, you can also remove the space entered by the TAB key from your text.


Note: – Through this tool, as soon as you remove the space from your text, the space will also be removed from your converted text automatically.

Unicode to Krutidev Converter
इस टूल के द्वारा आप अपने मंगल/Inscript/यूनिकोड फांट हिन्‍दी टेक्‍स्‍ट को क्रूतिदेव फांट के हिन्‍दी टेक्‍स्‍ट में बदल सकते है।

Copy Krutidev Text Button :-

 If you want to copy the converted text to clipboard, then you can do it by this option.

Save Text As Doc File:-

If you want to save the Hindi Krutidev Font converted text of (Box-1) in Doc File like M. S. Word (Microsoft Word) Format, then you can do it by this option.

Save Text As Text File:-

If you want to save the Hindi Krutidev Font converted text of (Box-1) in Simple Text file Format, then you can do it by this option.

Clear All Text :-

Using this Option you can clear the text of (Box-1) and (Box-2).

unicode to krutidev converter online available :-

This converter tool is available online, you do not need to use any software for this.